Product Description

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Property Management Software for Exhibit Houses and Exhibitors


XTRAX Tracker supports multiple inventories for a single location. To maximize performance and minimize multi-user contention, XTRAX uses a separate JET 4.0 database for each inventory. With sufficient server hard disk space, each XTRAX inventory can contain hundreds of item types and thousands of inventory items.  Three images (small, medium and large) can be associated with any item. Using JPEG format, the total storage requirement per item is typically about 60K.

Function Tabs

Events/ReserveEnter event information, reserve inventory, validate (check conflicts) reservations for an event
AvailabilityCheck availability of an item, determine which events are using an item
Global EventsDefine events used by more than one inventory
Items/UnitsDefine items in an inventory (including item specifications and associated items)
Inventory SetupAdd, edit and delete inventories
System SetupDefine warehouse locations (and print bar code labels), users, country codes, Schedule B numbers and damage come with descriptions and WEBView users (optional). Set installation name
Bar Code LabelsProduce bar code labels
Scans and ScannerDownload and upload bar code scans from hand-held scanner, edit or delete scans, update inventory
Edit InventoryAdd crates, associated items, change crating or warehouse location (within Warehouser function)
Web OrdersProcess order submitted via WEBView
SitesAdd, edit and delete common event sites
Event ArchiveView information about past events, maintain archive
Client MaterialsTemporarily add client-provided or rented properties to inventory
Ship/Receive ArchiveView information about past shipment/receipts, maintain archive
Inventory InfoView next shipment, next receipt, conflict status and discrepancy status for all inventories



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