Screenshots are from the XTRAX Tracker SQL version of XTRAX Scan. The version for XTRAX Tracker provides the same functions with a slightly different user interface
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The XP20 is Janam's rugged Palm-based bar code scanner. Designed for use in rough environments, the XP20 can withstand repeated drops from 4 feet onto concrete.

A rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the scanner. The unit includes a recharing cradle. It is equipped with 32Mb of memory, enough for thousands of scans.

XTRAX Tracker SQL supports both wired and wireless scanners. Wireless scanners connect to directly to the database server. Wired scanners use PPP software on the workstation to connect to the database server.

XTRAX Tracker supports wired scanners. Tracker uses HotSync® technology to interact with the scanner.

Product Description

XTRAX Scan is an integral part of XTRAX Tracker and Tracker SQL, Winthrop Technologies' Exhibit Property Management Software system.

XTRAX Scan uses Janam Palm-based bar code scanners coupled with custom softwware to provide the simplest and easiest way to accurately record the shipment and receipt of exhibit properties.

  • Scan is an easy-to-use and has an intuitive user interface controlled via touch screen and/or built-in buttons
  • Scan displays crating and allows review and/or deletion of scans
  • Scan manages multiple concurrent shipments and/or receipts
  • Scan handles recrating, uncrating and relocating properties
  • Scan checks that all items to be shipped or received have been scanned
  • Scan allows the operator to indicate damage on returning items

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