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XTRAX Express is the entry-level member of the XTRAX family of exhibit inventory management software. Express is designed for use on a single computer (see Hardware and Software Configuration datasheet for details). 

XTRAX Express provides property check-in / check-out and property management features.  It does not provide the property reservation, future availability, property availability conflict (i.e., detects and reports items over committed) or discrepancy (i.e., detects and reports differences between what has been scanned to ship and what is supposed to ship) features of XTRAX Tracker and XTRAX Tracker SQL.

Express creates inventories, adds new items, prints bar codes and produces a variety of inventory management reports.Express adds new events containing basic event information.  Express records the movement of inventory using a handheld laser bar code scanner.  Express produces packing lists and bills of lading.  Express connects to the XTRAX Databases on the local hard drive.

Express does not support WEBView, the World Wide Web interface to XTRAX.​  


XTRAX uses the familiar Windows "tab" interface.  All program features appear as a series of tabs on the main screen.  Clicking on a tab selects that function.  All functions are also available via menus and/or the keyboard. 

XTRAX supports multiple inventories, each with its own events and inventory.  Users may define the inventory as crated ornon-crated.  Inventories that store items within crates are defined as crated.  XTRAX maintains the relationship between each crate and its contents.  An inventory is either located or non-located.  Located indicates that XTRAX should maintain a warehouse location for each item (i.e., a warehouse might be Aisle 5, Rack 3, Shelf 2).  An inventory may also use structureditems codes.  In such an inventory, XTRAX helps the user assign item codes based on the kind of property being added.

XTRAX Express maintains basic information for events including show and advance warehouse addresses.  The word processor-like event comment editor allows input of free form comments, instructions and other event details.

XTRAX produces complete shipping documentation including Shipping Reports, Packing Lists, Bills of Lading and international shipping documents.  XTRAX also tracks damage as items are received back to the warehouse.  Summary information for completed shipments can be archived for future reference.

XTRAX interfaces with digital cameras and scanners.  An image may be associated with any item in an inventory for instant visual confirmation.


XTRAX  supports multiple inventories for a single location.  To maximize performance and minimize multi-user contention, XTRAX uses a separate JET 4.0 database for each inventory.  With sufficient server hard disk space, each XTRAX inventory can contain hundreds of item types and thousands of inventory items.  Three images (small, medium and large) can be associated with any item.  Using JPEG format, the total storage requirement per item is typically about 60K.

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