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Property Management Software for Exhibit Houses and Exhibitors


EventsEnter basic event information
Items/UnitsDefine items in an inventory (including item specifications and associated items)
Inventory SetupAdd, edit and delete inventories
System SetupDefine warehouse locations (and print bar code labels), users, country codes, Schedule B numbers and damage come with descriptions. Set installation name
Bar Code LabelsProduce bar code labels
Scans and ScannerDownload and upload bar code scans from hand-held scanner, edit or delete scans, update inventory
Edit InventoryChange crating or warehouse location
Client MaterialsTemporarily add client-provided or rented properties to inventory
Ship/Receive ArchiveView information about past shipment/receipts, maintain archive
SitesAdd, edit and delete common event sites



StatusTransactions, a list of inventory update transactions (i.e., attempting to ship a damaged part), and Client Reports, a list of all clients with number of items and storage requirements
InventoryItems Specs listing all component and their specifications (height, width, etc.); Inventory by Item or Crate listing all items by item type or crate; Replacement Value; Book Value; Item Image; Consumables listing current quantities of all premiums/give-aways; End of Life listing all items at or near end of life; Unable to Bar Code listing bar codes and image for items that cannot be bar coded; and Usage listing, by individual item, all events at which each item was used
Shipping and ReceivingShipping and Receiving; Bill of Lading; Packing List; Certificate of Registration; Commercial Invoice; Textile Declaration; NAFTA Certificate; Receiving Damage Report; Loose Items Report and Shipping/Receiving Summary


Product Description

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