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Product Description

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WEBView is the World Wide Web browser interface to the XTRAX Tracker family of exhibit property management software.  Based on the Microsoft IIS web server, WEBView integrates with XTRAX Tracker or Tracker SQL to provide real-time item availability, event review and item requests. WEBView uses the same XTRAX databases and images so the information is always accurate, current and up-to-date.

Each WEBView user is assigned a username and password.  A user may be granted access to selected inventories or to all inventories.  A user may also be granted the option to add item requests to the "shopping cart."

A user, after logging on and selecting the desired inventory, can view the specifications and stored image of individual items.  The user can also review a list of all items with or without images. The user can access a list of archived and upcoming events and their property allocations (reservations).  The user can determine which events will use a particular item over a range of dates. And, the user can check item future availability over a range of dates.​

The user, if granted access to the "shopping cart", may place the selected item(s) in the cart.  Once all the desired items have been selected, the user can finalize the cart, indicating information such as event name, dates, location, address, etc. When the item request is placed, a message appears in the startup window of XTRAX Manager indicating that new WEBView item requests have been submitted.  Using Manager, the request is processed and item reservations are automatically entered for the items requested.

Target Audience

WEBView is designed for use by individuals within the organization (Intranet) as well as customers and supplier outside of the organization (Internet). Ideal internal users are those who need access to XTRAX information but do not need the full capabilities of XTRAX Tracker or Tracker SQL.

is implemented as a series of Active Server Pages (ASP) and an ActiveX (COM) object which encapsulates all database access and business logic. Using the provided programming guide, the "look and feel" of WEBView can be easily modified to reflect the desired capabilities, color scheme, graphic elements, etc.​

Navigation ButtonFunctionNavigation Button Function
InventoriesSelect InventoryAdd to CartAdd select item(s) to cart
Current ItemDisplay the selected itemClear CartClear items from cart
Check AvailabilityCheck availability of selected item(s) during date rangeFinalize CartEnter event information and submit request
Events Using
List events that use the selected item during date range
EventsList upcoming events
Display inventory reports
EmailEmail account representative
Logout of WEBView
HelpDisplay help page