Accurate, Easy Data Entry

  • Each item has a unique bar code — XTRAX knows exactly which item is being shipped or received

  • Scanning bar codes is a quick, accurate, and easy means of data entry

  • The hand-held scanner is highly portable and easy-to-use

Bar Code Support is fully integrated into XTRAX

  • Scans are uploaded into XTRAX at the push of a button, updating inventory and producing shipping and receiving reports
  • Scan order (crate first, then its contents) determines crating. Reports, such as packing lists, accurately reflect a crate’s contents
  • The hand-held scanner quickly records the movement of an item to a new crate or a new warehouse location

Bar Code Labels are Durable

  • The sharable network bar code printer quickly produces 1” bar code labels on sturdy polypro stock

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Why Bar Coding?